The Dizzy Grape

Glencoe, Alabama
United States

Hello and thank you for visiting, my name is Diann and I am the crafty hands behind Dizzy Grape Celebrations! I have been married for 16 years and have 2 sons, 2 stepdaughters, 1 stepson, 1 son in law, 3 daughter in laws, along with 2 beautiful grandchildren. I grew up learning how to do a wide variety of crafts from my mother and grandmother. I have always enjoyed designing and creating beautiful gifts, clothing, decor and such. I started my first online marketplace in Oct of 2013 and decided in Dec of 2022 to expand my online marketplace presence with a goimagine shop. Over the years I have continued exploring and learning about new crafting materials and techniques. I love what I do and especially enjoy interacting with customers to create that very special custom item(s) to make their special celebration just perfect! I am honored to be a part of goimagine and especially blessed to have the full love and support from my husband and family.

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